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Figure 2

From: New treatments for influenza

Figure 2

Structure of selected class-representative anti-influenza drugs, old as well as prospective ones. The neuraminidase inhibitors, and N-acetyl neuraminic acid that they mimic, are shown in the box. For all molecules, the PubChem compound numbers (CID#) are written under each name. In FTY720, one of the two -OH groups is phosphorylated to yield the bioactive phosphate derivative (not shown). The structure of AAL-4 is similar (not shown), but it has only one -OH group instead of two, which is phosphorylated much faster. M2 inhibitors are not shown for lack of space and because they are largely discontinued due to viral resistance. All structures were obtained from the free PubChem Compound Database at National Center for Biotechnology Information (accessed June 15, 2012) [44]. NANA: N-acetyl neuraminic acid.

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