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Table 2 Novel clinical trials (CTs) for neurological conditions (n = 69)

From: Is belief larger than fact: expectations, optimism and reality for translational stem cell research

Clinical trial subject No. of CTs Country
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 7 China, Israel, Spain, USA
Cerebral palsy 3 Mexico, South Korea, USA
Cerebral palsy using MSCs 3 China, India
Diabetic neuropathy 3 Germany, Mexico, USA
Ischemic Stroke 18 Brazil, Canada, France, India, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA, Russia
Multiple sclerosis 12 Canada, Israel, Spain, UK, USA
Neuronal ceroid lipfuscinosis 2 USA
Parkinson's Disease 2 India
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease 1 USA
Spinal cord injury (non-hESC) 5 Egypt, India, USA
Spinal cord injury (hESC) 1 USA
Traumatic brain injury 3 Canada, India, USA
Other 10 Brazil, China, The Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand, USA
  1. hESCs = human embryonic stem cells; MSCs = mesenchymal stem cells.