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Table 1 Data Sources for Tanzanian Cost Analysis of HPV Vaccine Introduction.

From: A case study using the United Republic of Tanzania: costing nationwide HPV vaccine delivery using the WHO Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Costing Tool

Data Source
Number of 10 year old girls UNDP
Number of health facilities, types and number of health staff MOHSW
Number of primary schools Ministry of Education
Health Staff Salaries cMYP
Unit Costs of hall rentals, facilitator fees, and other meetingexpenses, production of IEC materialsa Survey of local costs
Unit costs of supplies MOHSW, WHO
Transport allowances and per diems MOHSW, WHO
Exchange and inflation rates Ministry of Finance
Vaccine cost Estimate from GAVI Alliance 2011
  1. aThe unit cost of hall rentals, for example, includes the cost per day per hall rental for a meeting or training. This unit cost is multiplied by the number of days of a meeting or training to get the cost of hall rental per training or meeting. cMYP, Comprehensive Multi-Year Plan (Tanzania); GAVI, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization; MOHSW, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare; UNDP, United Nations Development Plan; WHO, World Health Organization.