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Table 2 Selected input parameters for modeling of a scaled-up vaccination program in Mwanza Region

From: Costs of delivering human papillomavirus vaccination to schoolgirls in Mwanza Region, Tanzania

  Base case Low cost High cost
Number of vaccination rounds 4 3 Base case
Capital discount rate 3% 0% 8%
Life expectancy:    
Vehicles 10 years 15 years 5 years
Refrigerators and cold rooms 10 years 15 years 5 years
Sensitization 5 years 7 years 1 year
Training 5 years 7 years 1 year
Cold storage:    
Cold storage equipmenta Incremental volume Base case Incremental equipment
Additional vaccine distribution trips 3 1 4
Km per health facility per vaccination round, urban districts 43 30 50
Km per health facility per vaccination round, rural districts 73 50 90
Wastage rate (vaccines and materials) 5% 1% 10%
Number of eligible girls per schoolb 52 60 40
Coverage ratesc for dose 1 86% 95% 75%
Coverage ratesc for dose 2 84% 90% 65%
Coverage ratesc for dose 3 79% 85% 55%
Girls immunized in health facilities (%) 4%   
Unit costs:    
Vaccine price US$5 US$0 Base case
Vaccine clearance and shipment to regional level (costs/dose) US$0.39 US$0.20 Base case
  1. aIncremental volume refers to estimating the costs of the storage volume required for storing the estimated number of vaccine doses. Incremental equipment refers to the necessary increase in cold storage equipment according to interviews with the district cold chain coordinators in Mwanza and Misungwi districts.
  2. bThe number of eligible girls per school is varied by increasing/decreasing the total number of eligible girls in Mwanza Region.
  3. cAs percentage of total cohort of eligible girls.