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Table 1 Table showing drugs used in the analyses

From: Co-prescription of medication for bipolar disorder and diabetes mellitus: a nationwide population-based study with focus on gender differences

Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System (ATC-nr) Chemical therapeutic level Number of individuals with at least one prescription of medication Percentages of persons receiving treatment
Bipolar disorder   17,007 0.6
N03AG01 Valproate 3,728 0.1
N03AX09 Lamotrigine 6,501 0.2
N03AF01 Carbamazepine 2,049 0.1
N05AN01 Lithium 6,538 0.2
Diabetes mellitus   77,669 2.7
A10A Insulin or insulin analogs 32,005 1.1
A10B Oral antidiabetic agents 55,665 1.9
  1. The drugs are categorized by both their ATC number and their chemical therapeutical name. The number of persons receiving the medications, are aged 20 to 69.