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Table 2 Items of the final Treatment Burden Questionnaire

From: Development and description of measurement properties of an instrument to assess treatment burden among patients with multiple chronic conditions

Item no. Item
1A The taste, shape or size of your tablets and/or the inconvenience caused by your injections (for example, pain, bleeding, scars)
1B The number of times you have to take your medication every day
1C The things you do to remind yourself to take your daily medication and/or to manage your treatment when you are not at home
1D The specific conditions when taking your medication (for example, taking it at a specific time of the day or meal, not being able to do certain things after taking them like driving or lying down)
2A Lab tests and other exams (frequency, time spent and inconvenience of these exams)
2B Self-monitoring (for example, taking your blood pressure or measuring your blood sugar yourself: frequency, time spent and inconvenience of this surveillance)
2C Doctors visits (frequency and time spent for the visits)
2D Arrange appointments and schedule doctors visits and lab tests
3 How would you rate the burden associated with taking care of paperwork from health insurance agencies, welfare organizations, hospitals and/or social care?
4 How would you rate the constraints associated with your diet (for example, not being allowed to eat certain foods)?
5 How would you rate the burden associated with the recommendations from your doctors to practice regular physical exercises?
6 What is the impact of your healthcare on your social relationships (for example, need for assistance, being ashamed to take your medication in front of people)?
7 'Frequent healthcare reminds me of my health problems'