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Table 1 The 2-year citation averages for open access versus subscription journals, calculated using Web of Science or Scopus data

From: Open access versus subscription journals: a comparison of scientific impact

Source Type Journals (n) Journal level Article level
    Mean SD Mean SD
Journal Citation Reports 2-year citation average Subscription 7,609 1.97 2.95 2.81 3.31
  Open access 610 1.50 4.02 2.04 2.28
Scopus 2-year citation average Subscription 11,124 0.85 1.38 1.59 1.99
  Open access 1,327 0.61 1.85 1.03 1.44
  1. In the journal level calculations each journal has equal weight; in the article level calculations the impact factors for the journals are weighted by their publication volumes.