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Table 1 Study selection criteria.

From: The effectiveness of neuromuscular warm-up strategies, that require no additional equipment, for preventing lower limb injuries during sports participation: a systematic review

Inclusion Criteria
Those studies:
   • Which investigated neuromuscular warm-up strategies without the need for additional equipment other than that readily available at training or competition venues
• for the prevention of any lower limb injury (hip, thigh, knee, ankle, leg)
• using functional training
• could be performed anywhere (for example, on-pitch)
• without the use of specialist apparatus
• easily incorporated into regular activity
   • Which are detailed enough for replication
   • Where injury incidence was an outcome
Exclusion Criteria
Those studies:
   • Where the intervention is not part of a warm-up program
   • Using home-based exercises due to the poor uptake and regular commitment
   • Using equipment (for example, wobble board training) due to cost and availability
   • Where the intervention included training outside of sporting participation sessions
   • Where participants had an ongoing injury
   • Using no control or comparison group
   • Which were non-peer reviewed articles
   • Of single participant study design