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Table 3 Assessment of methodological quality for each included study.

From: The effectiveness of neuromuscular warm-up strategies, that require no additional equipment, for preventing lower limb injuries during sports participation: a systematic review

Methodological Quality Criteria
Study Quality Score A B C D E F G H I
Mandelbaum et al. [1] 5 N N Y N Y Y Y Y N
Pfeiffer et al. [1] 5 N N Y N Y Y Y Y NR
Gilchrist et al. [1] 5 NR N Y N Y Y Y Y N
Kiani et al. [1] 6 N N Y Y Y Y Y Y NR
LaBella et al. [1] 6 Y N N N Y Y Y Y Y
Soligard et al. [1] 7 NR N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Steffen et al. [1] 7 Y N Y Y Y N Y Y Y
Coppack et al. [1] 8 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Brushøj et al. [1] 9 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
  1. A = acceptable method of randomization, B = concealed treatment allocation, C = similar group values at baseline, D = blinded assessor, E = no or similar co-interventions, F = acceptable compliance (≥75%), G = acceptable dropout rate (≤30%), H = similar timing of the outcome assessment in all groups, I = intention to treat analysis. Y, yes; N, no; NR, not reported.