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Figure 4

From: The Transeurope Footrace Project: longitudinal data acquisition in a cluster randomized mobile MRI observational cohort study on 44 endurance runners at a 64-stage 4,486km transcontinental ultramarathon

Figure 4

Mobile MRI of the feet. A: male, 39-years-old, stage 53, 3,669 km (fused colored T2* GRE map sagittal: syngo™ MapIt fusion technique, Siemens Medical solutions, Erlangen, Germany): Colored visualization of focal water concentration in cartilage layers of the ankle joint (1), subtalar joint (2), talonavicular joint (3) and calcneocuboid joint (4). B: male, 61-years-old, stage 23, 2,176 km (T2 TIRM sagittal): Multiple running related signs of tissue alteration: Peritendinous fluid accumulation in tendon sheaths (1). Focal bone edema at insertion of plantar fascia (2) with corresponding subcutaneous edema (3), but without plantar fasciitis. Edema in the Achilles tendon (4). Articular effusion in the ankle joint (5). C: male, 59-years-old, stage 45, 3,082 km (T2 TIRM sagittal): Peritendinous fluid accumulation in tendon sheaths of foot dorsiflexors (1), focal arthrosis of the ankle joint with subchondral bone edema (2), plantar subcutaneous edema (3), articular effusion in subtalar and metatarsophalangeal joint (4). D: male, 54-years-old, stage 32, 2,176 km (T2 TIRM sagittal): Subcutaneous edema (1), arthrosis of midfoot joints (2). E: male, 30-years-old, stage 12, 789 km (PDw TSE fs transversal): Peritendinous fluid accumulation in Achilles tendon sheath (1) with wide local subcutaneous edema (2). F: female, 68-years old, stage 15, 1,003 km (PDw TSE fs transversal): Extensive plantar subcutaneous edema (1). G: male, 47-years-old, stage 52, 3,609 km (PDw TSE fs transversal): Severe arthrosis of midfoot joints (1) with perifocal bone edema (2), hallux valgus (3).

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