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Table 2 Antibody information for ICC, IHC and FACS analysis

From: Human amniotic fluid stem cell injection therapy for urethral sphincter regeneration in an animal model

Antibody Company Dilution
MYOD Myogenic determination Santa Cruz Biotechnology 1:300
DES desmin Abcam 1:300
α-SM ACTIN alpha smooth muscle actin Santa Cruz Biotechnology 1:300
MHC Myosin heavy chain Santa Cruz Biotechnology 1:300
α-ACTININ alpha actinin Sigma-Aldrich 1:300
CD8 cluster of differentiation 8 Chemicon 1:200
SSEA4 stage-specific embryonic antigen4 BD Pharmingen 1:20
C-KIT(CD117) cluster of differentiation117 BD Pharmingen 1:20
CD44 cluster of differentiation44 BD Pharmingen 1:20
CD45 cluster of differentiation45 BD Pharmingen 1:20
CD73 cluster of differentiation73 BD Pharmingen 1:20
CD90 cluster of differentiation90 BD Pharmingen 1:20
CD105 cluster of differentiation105 Abcam 1:20
HLA-ABC human leukocyte antigen-ABC BD Pharmingen 1:20
HLA-DR human leukocyte antigen-DR BD Pharmingen 1:20
HuNu human nuclear-specific Cell Signaling 1:100
α-Bungarotoxin α-Bungarotoxin Invitrogen 1:100