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Table 2 Different theories about etiopathogenesis of calcific tendinopathy (CT).

From: Physiopathology of intratendinous calcific deposition

Type Cause Reference(s) by first author Year(s)
Degenerative calcification Vascular ischemia Sandstrom [12] 1938
  Repetitive trauma Bishop [13] and Bosworth [14] 1939, 1941
  Necrosis of tenocytes and intracellular calcium accumulation Mohr [17] 1990
Reactive calcification Active cell mediated process Uhthoff [27] 1997
Endochondral ossification Endochondral ossification of fibrocartilage at the enthesis of the tendon Benjamin [34] 2000
Chondral metaplasia Erroneous differentiation of tendon-derived stem cells (TDSCs) Rui [46] 2011