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Table 2 Excluded studies with reasons for exclusion.

From: Tamoxifen for the management of breast events induced by non-steroidal antiandrogens in patients with prostate cancer: a systematic review

Authors Reason for exclusion
Bedognetti et al. [23, 24] Study did not evaluate our predefined comparisona
Boccardo et al. [37] No relevant topicb
Eaton et al. [25] Only abstract available and data not sufficiently detailed to include in reviewc
Parker et al. [11] No prostate cancer patients
Serretta et al. [38, 39] Study did not evaluate our predefined comparisond
  1. aTamoxifen 20 mg daily versus tamoxifen 20 mg once weekly; bEvaluation of insulin-like growth factor 1 and binding proteins in prostate cancer; cTamoxifen 20 mg once weekly versus no additional therapy; dTamoxifen 20 mg/daily given at the early onset of gynecomastia (within one month) for a period of one year versus Tamoxifen 10 mg/daily given for one year starting at the bicalutamide prescription.