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Table 1 Potential treatment against inflammation in atherosclerosis

From: Immunity, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

Treatment Targets
Statins [102105]. Prenylation, oxidation, MHC-class II presentation
Phospholipase-inhibitors [113] Annexin A5 [112]. Anti-PC [37, 39, 40, 4244]. Oxidized phospholipids
Anti-apoB [115117]. apoB
Cytokine-inhibition [105, 110] Interleukin-1ß/Inflammasome
Metotrexate [105107] Inhibition of purine metabolism
Active immunization [40, 114, 115, 121] oxLDL, apoB, PC- epitopes, HSP
  1. anti-apoB, antibody against apolipoprotein B; anti-PC, antibody against phosphorylcholine; HSP, heat shock protein; MHC, oxLDL, oxidized low density lipoprotein.