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Figure 3

From: Why do hypertensive patients of African ancestry respond better to calciumblockers and diuretics than to ACE inhibitors and β-adrenergic blockers? Asystematic review

Figure 3

Pharmacodynamics of thiazide diuretics. This is a schematicreproduction of the kidney distal convoluted tubule. Sodiumretention is driven by basolateral Na+K+ATPase throughout the kidney [86]. Creatine kinase (CK), reported to be high in persons ofAfrican ancestry [11, 12, 72, 73], is tightly bound near basolateralNa+K+ ATPase, where it rapidly regeneratesATP to facilitate sodium retention [87]. Enhanced sodium retention occurs more frequently inpersons of African ancestry [96]. Thiazide diuretics counteract this effect, albeitindirectly and partly, through inhibition of luminalNa+Cl -cotransport.

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