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Figure 2

From: New insights into mechanisms behind miscarriage

Figure 2

The migration zone after adding a high-quality, low-quality or no embryo. The migratory response of decidualized human embryonic neural stem cells (H-EnSCs) from normally fertile (A-C) and recurrent miscarriage (RM) women (D-F) was analyzed in absence of a human embryo (A,D), in presence of a high-quality embryo (B,E) or a low-quality embryo (C,F). Phase contrast pictures were taken 18 h after creating the migration zone. The dotted line represents the front of the migration zone directly after its creation. As a reference for the position of the embryo, the bottom of the plate was marked. The arrows indicate the position of the embryo. All pictures were taken with 25 × magnification. (Reproduced from Weimar et al. [26]).

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