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Figure 1

From: A novel serogenetic approach determines the community prevalence of celiac disease and informs improved diagnostic pathways

Figure 1

Human leukocyte antigen (HLA-DQ genetic status and celiac disease (CD)-specific serology. (A) HLA-DQ status of female (F) and male (M) community cohorts, and those who tested positive for anti-gliadin IgG (AGG) , anti-gliadin IgA (AGA), IgA specific for native human transglutaminase (TG)2, and composite TG2/DGP IgA/IgG (Comp.). Total numbers of subjects are in brackets. (B) HLA-DQ genotypes of women and men in the combined community cohorts classified by measured level of TG2 IgA and whether endomysial antibody (EMA) was also positive; or composite TG2/DGP IgA/IgG (Comp.) and whether all or at least one confirmatory serology (TG2 IgA, DGP IgA, or DGP IgG) was abnormal. Numbers of subjects are in brackets. DGP, Deamidated gliadin-derived peptide.

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