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Table 1 Excluded medicinal products

From: Incidence, characteristics and risk factors of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized children – a prospective observational cohort study of 6,601 admissions

  Excluded Included
Topical anesthetics Lidocaine 2.5%, prilocaine 2.5% cream (EMLA®) or tetracaine 4% gel (Ametop®) LAT gel (lidocaine 4% and adrenaline 0.1% and tetracaine 0.5% gel)
Ranitidine Ranitidine added to TPN Ranitidine administered otherwise
Heparin Heparin administered as intermittent intravenous heparin flush. Intermittent intravenous injection other than heparin flush, heparin administered as continuous intravenous infusion or as subcutaneous injection.
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)  
Intravenous hydration fluids Intravenous hydration fluids Any drugs added to intravenous fluids
Rectal washouts Rectal washouts with sodium chloride 0.9%  
Blood products Red cells Antithrombin III concentrate
Platelets Dried prothrombin complex
Cryoprecipitate Drotrecogin alfa (activated)
Albumin solutions Factor VIIa (recombinant)
Fresh frozen plasma Factor VIII fraction, dried
Factor VIII inhibitor by-passing fraction
Factor IX fraction, dried
Factor XIII fraction, dried
Protein C concentrate
Oxygen therapy Oxygen therapy