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Table 2 Assessment of severity using the Hartwig severity scale

From: Incidence, characteristics and risk factors of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized children – a prospective observational cohort study of 6,601 admissions

Severity level Description Number of ADRs at each severity levela
Number %
1 Required no change in treatment 322 22.3%
2 Drug dosing or frequency changed 66 4.6%
3 Required treatment or drug administration discontinued 1,046 72.3%
4 Resulted in patient transfer to higher level of care 12 0.8%
5 Caused permanent harm to patient or significant hemodynamic instability 1 0.1%
6 Directly or indirectly resulted in patient death 0 0%
  1. aDenominator was the total number of probable or definite ADRs. ADRs, adverse drug reactions.