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Figure 2

From: The UKCAT-12 study: educational attainment, aptitude test performance, demographic and socio-economic contextual factors as predictors of first year outcome in a cross-sectional collaborative study of 12 UK medical schools

Figure 2

Relationship of OverallMark at medical school to Educational Attainment (zEducationalAttainment). Scattergrams are shown separately for a) General Certificate of Education (GCE) qualifications (A-levels/AS-levels/GCSEs), and b) Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) qualifications (Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers). The red line is a linear regression, and the green line is a lowess curve. The slope of the line for SQA qualifications (b = .423) is significantly larger than that for GCE qualifications (b = .349; interaction term, t = 25.95, 3,428 df, P <.001).

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