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Table 4 Most cited studies on genetic discrimination in life insurance.

From: Genetic discrimination and life insurance: a systematic review of the evidence

Ranking Date Authors Title Reference Number of citations
1. 1992 PR Billings, MA Kohn, M de Cuevas, J Beckwith, JS Alper and MR Natowicz Discrimination as a consequence of genetic testing [13] Web of Science: 287
Google Scholar: 436
2. 1996 EV Lapham, C Kozma and JO Weiss Genetic discrimination: perspectives of consumers [18] Web of Science: 181
Google Scholar: 255
3. 1996 LN Geller, JS Alper, PR Billings, CI Barash, J Beckwith and MR Natowicz Individual, family, and societal dimensions of genetic discrimination: a case study analysis [17] Web of Science: N/A
Google Scholar: 127
4. 2004 M Watson, C Foster, R Eeles, D Ashley, R Davidson, J Mackay, PJ Morrison, P Hopwood, DGR Evans and Psychosocial Study Collaborators Psychosocial impact of breast/ovarian (BRCA1/2) cancer-predictive genetic testing in a UK multi-centre clinical cohort [29] Web of Science: 60
Google Scholar: 92
5. 1998 L Low, S King and T Wilkie Genetic discrimination in life insurance: empirical evidence from a cross sectional survey of genetic support groups in the United Kingdom [4] Web of Science: 57
Google Scholar: 99