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Table 2 World Health Organization (WHO)-recommended collaborative tuberculosis (TB)/HIV activities (adapted from[10])

From: Management of HIV-associated tuberculosis in resource-limited settings: a state-of-the-art review

Key area Points of action
Establish and strengthen the mechanisms for delivering integrated TB and HIV services Set up and strengthen a coordinating body for collaborative TB/HIV activities
Determine the HIV prevalence among TB patients and the TB prevalence among HIV patients
Carry out joint TB/HIV planning to integrate the delivery of TB and HIV services
Monitor and evaluate collaborative TB/HIV activities
Reduce the burden of TB in people living with HIV (early ART plus the three Is) Intensify TB case finding and ensure high quality TB treatment
Initiate TB prevention using isoniazid preventive therapy and early antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Ensure control of TB infection in healthcare facilities and congregate settings
Reduce the burden of HIV in patients with diagnosed TB and those under investigation for TB Provide HIV testing and counseling to both groups of patients
Provide HIV preventive interventions to both groups of patients
Provide co-trimoxazole preventive therapy for TB patients living with HIV
Provide HIV prevention interventions, treatment and care for TB patients living with HIV
  Provide antiretroviral therapy for TB patients living with HIV