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Table 1 Characteristics of current cerebral protection devices for transcatheter aortic valve implantation

From: Challenges in cardiac device innovation: is neuroimaging an appropriate endpoint? Consensus from the 2013 Yale-UCL Cardiac Device Innovation Summit

Feature Edwards Embrella Embolic Deflector[26] Keystone Heart TriGard Embolic Deflection Device[28] Claret CE Pro[27]
Access Radial Femoral Radial
Position Aorta Aorta Brachiocephalic and LCC
Coverage area Brachiocephalic and LCC Brachiocephalic, LCC and LSC Brachiocephalic and LCC
Mechanism Deflection Deflection Capture
Size 6 F 9 F 6 F
Pore Size 100 microns Approximately 200 microns 140 microns
  1. LCC left common carotid artery, LSC left subclavian artery.