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Table 4 Studies using transcriptomics

From: Depression pathogenesis and treatment: what can we learn from blood mRNA expression?

Citation Type of study Sample GENE Technique Clinical assessment Main findings
Beech et al. 2010 [69] Case-control 20 BPD
15 Controls
Microarray Diagnosis based on DSM-IV criteria
Altered expression of 1180 genes in patients with BPD compared with controls.
Higher expression of 559 genes and lower expression of 621 genes.
Top three functional pathways affected were the mitochondrial electron transport chain, notch signaling and NF-κβ signaling pathways.
Segman et al. 2010 [71] Case-control 10 mothers with postpartum depression
10 control
Microarray Diagnosis based on DSM-IV criteria
Altered expression of 73 genes in mothers with postpartum depression compared with controls mothers.
Lower expression of 71 genes in mothers with postpartum depression including genes related to transcriptional activation, cell cycle and proliferation, nucleotide binding, and DNA replication and repair.
Kalman et al. 2005 [73] Repeated measures 6 elderly MDD Microarray Diagnosis based on ICD-10 criteria
Altered expression of 57 genes after 4 weeks of venlafaxine treatment when compared to baseline expression levels.
Lower expression of 26 and higher expression of 31 including genes involved in cell survival, ionic homeostasis, neural plasticity, signal transduction and metabolism
Yi et al. 2012 [74] Case-control 8 MDD
8 Controls
Microarray Diagnosis based on DSM-IV criteria
Altered expression of 149 genes in patients with MDD and 1,456 genes in patients with SDD compared with controls.
Functional pathways affected included IL-2- and IL6-mediated signaling and TNF receptor signaling in patients with MDD and cytokine-cytokine receptor interactions and G protein signaling pathway in patients with SDD.
  1. BDI: Beck Depression Inventory; BPD: bipolar disorder; BPRS: Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale; CIDI: Composite International Diagnostic Interview; DSM-IV: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition; EPDS: Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale; GDS: Geriatric Depression Scale; HAM-D: Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression; HDRS: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; ICD-10: International Classification of Diseases - 10th revision; MADRS: Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale; MDD: major depressive disorder; MMSE: Mini-Mental State Examination; SCAN: Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry; SCID-I: Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Disorder; SSD: subsyndromal symptomatic depression; YMRS: Young Mania Rating Scale.