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Table 1 Selected non-major histocompatibility complex susceptibility genes for systemic sclerosis which were confirmed in at least two independent studies.

From: Genetics of scleroderma: implications for personalized medicine?

  Approximate OR Potential Function
BANK1 1.2-1.5* Lymphocyte activation - B cells
BLK 1.2-1.5 Lymphocyte activation - B cells
CD247 1.2-1.5* Lymphocyte activation - T cells
CD226 1.0-1.2 Lymphocyte activation - T cells
IRF5 1.2-1.5 Innate immune signaling - Interferon pathway
MIF 1.0-1.2 Adhesion molecule on endothelial cells
PTPN22 1.2-1.5 Lymphocyte activation - T cells
STAT4 1.2-1.5 Innate immune signaling and lymphocyte activation - T cells
TNFSF4 1.2-1.5 Lymphocyte activation - T cells and B cells
  1. *The minor allele is protective. The inverse ratio OR is reported.