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Figure 7

From: Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from muscle to brain

Figure 7

GFP + BM chimeric mice. a-c) Chimeric mice injected intramuscularly with FLBs showed GFP+ BM-derived cells enclosing FLBs among inflammatory cells extracted from the injected muscle (a) at d4 after FLB injection, in spleen (b) and brain (c) at d33 after FLB injection. d-e) Chimeric mice showed incorporation of GFP+ cells in the brain, mainly in the form of perivascular cells in the cortex (d) and, occasionally, in more deeply located ramified CD11b+ cells (e, arrow) at d180 post-BM transplantation. (bars: 10 μm). BM, bone marrow; d, day; FLB, fluorescent latex beads.

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