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Table 2 Median chance-corrected concordance (%) by age, for all causes of death, for physician-certified verbal autopsy, InterVA-3, Tariff, Random Forest and Simplified Symptom Pattern, among hospital-based deaths

From: Comparison of physician-certified verbal autopsy with computer-coded verbal autopsy for cause of death assignment in hospitalized patients in low- and middle-income countries: systematic review

    IHME sub-studies
  Physician-certified verbal autopsy InterVA-3 Tariff Random forest Simplified symptom pattern
Adults 45 25 45 48 46
Children 48 25 39 51 52
Neonates 33 7 24 35 33
All ages 42 19 36 45 43
  1. The IHME studies provide an uncertainty limit, but these do not seem to reflect the true underlying source of error in the estimates, and to avoid false precision, we do not show these [41]. IHME: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.