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Table 3 Indirect immunofluorescence patterns detected on HEp-2 cells, with, related antigens and diagnosis a

From: Automated tests of ANA immunofluorescence as throughput autoantibody detection technology: strengths and limitations

  Related antigens Related diagnosis
Nuclear patterns   
  Homogeneous DNA, histones, chromatin/nucleosomes SLE, drug-induced SLE, JIA
  Peripheral/rim or nuclear envelope Lamins, LAP1/2 gp210, nucleoporin p62; Tpr nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex antigens SLE, RA, PBC, myositis, autoimmune liver disease, PAPS
  Coarse speckled U1-snRNP, U2-6 snRNP (Sm), nuclear matrix MCTD, SLE, Raynaud, SSc, SS, UCTD
  Fine speckled SSA/Ro, SSB/La, common to many antigens SLE, SS, SSc, myositis, MCTD
  Dense fine speckled DFS70/LEDGF-P75 Healthy subjects and other inflammatory conditions
  PCNA Auxiliary protein proliferating cell nuclear antigen: elongation factor of DNA polymerase δ SLE, lymphoproliferative diseases, SS
  Diffuse speckled with “cloudy” mitoses Topoisomerase-I SSc
  Centromere Kinetochore: CENP-A, CENP-B, CENP-C, CENP-F SSc (limited)
  Nucleolar homogeneous PM/Scl, RNA polymerase, To/Th , B23 phosphoprotein/numatrin SSc, myositis, overlap myositis/SSc
  Nucleolar speckled RNA polymerase (I to III) SSc
  Nucleolar clumpy U3-RNP (fibrillarin) SSc
  Multiple/few nuclear dots Sp100/140, PML bodies, NDP53, p80-coilin, PML bodies PBC, CAH, SS
  Centrosome/centriole (formerly spindle apparatus) Enolase, ninein, pericentrin SSc, Raynaud’s phenomenon, inflammatory disease
  MSA NuMA/centrophilin Hseg5 RA, inflammatory conditions; pneumonia (mycoplasma)
Cytoplasmic patterns   
  Diffuse homogeneous (nucleoli positive) Ribosomal proteins SLE
  Fine speckled Jo-1, SRP, PDH (mitochondria) Myositides, DM, PBC, interstitial lung disease
  Discrete speckled Endosome (early endosome antigen 1), GW/P bodies, multivesicular bodies/lysosomes Neurological conditions, SS, SLE, RA, PBC
  Golgi complex Golgi proteins SLE, SS, RA, overlap syndromes, cerebellar ataxia
  Cytoplasmic fibers Actin, cytokeratin, tropomyosin, vimentin CAH, DM, infections and other inflammatory diseases
  1. CAH, chronic autoimmune hepatitis; CENP, centromere protein; DM, dermatomyositis; DFS70/LEDGF, dense fine speckled/lens epithelium-derived growth factor; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; MCTD, mixed connective tissue disease; MSA, mitotic spindle apparatus; PAPS, primary antiphospholipid syndrome; PBC, primary biliary cirrhosis; PCNA, proliferating cell nuclear antigen; PDH, phosphate dehydrogenase; PM, polymyositis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; Scl, scleroderma; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; snRNP, small nuclear ribonuclear protein; SRP, signal recognition particle; SSc, systemic sclerosis; SS, Sjögren’s syndrome; UCTD, undifferentiated connective tissue disease.
  2. aModified from Agmon-Levin et al. [15].