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Table 2 The use of Jak-family kinases by cytokines and other intercellular mediators

From: What is the future of targeted therapy in rheumatology: biologics or small molecules?

Ligand Jak-kinase
IL-6, IL-11, CNTF, CT-1, LIF, OSM, IL-27 (EBI3 + p28), IL-31, IL-35 (p35 + EBI3) Jak1, Jak2, Tyk2
G-CSF, IL-12 (p40 + p35), angiotensin Jak2, Tyk2
Leptin, GM-CSF, IL-5, IL-3, IL-23 (p40 + p19), serotonin, α-thrombin Jak2
Chemokines Jak2, Jak3
IL-2 Jak1, Jak2, Jak3
IL-4, IL-9, IL-7, IL-15, IL-21 Jak1, Jak3
IL-13 Jak1, Jak2, Tyk2
IL-19, IL-20 Jak1, ?
IL-22, IL-26, IL-28A, IL-28B, IL-29, interferon (IFNα/β), IL-10 Jak1, Tyk2
IL-24 Jak1, ?
GH, Epo Jak2
Thrombopoetin Jak2, Tyk2
IFN-γ, PDGF Jak1, Jak2
TLSP Jak1, possibly Jak2
EGF Jak1
  1. Substances that may be involved in off-target effects of Jak-family inhibitors are highlighted in bold. CNTF, ciliary neurotrophic factor; CT-1, cardiotrophin-1; EGF, epidermal growth factor; Epo, erythropoietin; G-CSF, granulocyte colony stimulating factor; GH, growth hormone; GM-CSF, granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor; IL, interleukin; LIF, leukemia inhibitory factor; OSM, oncostatin-M; PDGF, platelet-derived growth factor; TLSP, thymic stromal lymphopoietin.