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Table 1 How to reduce breast cancer risk and improve survival after diagnosis

From: Helping women to good health: breast cancer, omega-3/omega-6 lipids, and related lifestyle factors

Item Recommendations
Exposure to sex steroids Decrease
Physical activity Adopt optimal level1
Modernized Mediterranean diet2 Full adherence
 Plant and marine n-3 Increase3
 Plant and animal n-6 Decrease3
 Polyphenols Increase3
 Fiber Increase3
 High GI foods Decrease3
 Alcohol (no more than 1 drink/day) Preferably wine
Organic foods (plant and animal sources) May be beneficial
Exposure to endocrine disruptors Decrease where possible
Insulin resistance and diabetic risk Decrease4
Age-associated weight gain Limit4
 Cholesterol-lowering statins Use caution
 Drugs suspected to increased BC risk Use caution
 Drugs suspected to increased insulin  resistance and diabetic risk Use caution
  1. BC, breast cancer; GI, glycemic index.
  2. 1Tailored to the capacity of each individual.
  3. 2Consider an alternative healthy diet in specific populations; Okinawan diet for East Asians for instance.
  4. 3Compared with a western-style diet.
  5. 4By adhering to the modernized Mediterranean diet (see text).