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Table 2 Outcome variables

From: National household survey of adverse childhood experiences and their relationship with resilience to health-harming behaviors in England

Outcome Question (text in brackets is the response indicating behavior)
Unintended teenage pregnancy Did you ever accidentally get pregnant or accidentally get someone else pregnant before you were aged 18 years? (Yes)
Early sexual initiation How old were you the first time you had sexual intercourse? (<16 years)
Smoking In terms of smoking tobacco, which of the following best describes you? (I smoke daily)
Binge drinking How often do you have 6 or more standard drinks on one occasion (Weekly or daily or almost daily)a
Cannabis use How often, if ever, have you taken the following drugsā€¦cannabis? (any level of use)
Heroin/crack cocaine use How often, if ever, have you taken the following drugsā€¦ heroin/crack cocaine? (Any level of use)
Violence perpetration How many times have you physically hit someone in the past 12 months? (Any frequency)
Violence victimization How many times have you been physically hit in the past 12 months? (Any frequency)
Incarceration How many nights have you ever spent in prison, in jail or in a police station? (Any number of nights)
Poor diet On a normal day, how many portions of fruit and vegetables (excluding potatoes) would you usually eat (one portion is roughly one handful or a full piece of fruit such as an apple)? (<2 portions)
Low physical activity Usually, how many days each week do you take part in at least 30 minutes of physical activity that makes you breathe quicker, like walking quickly, cycling, sports or exercise? (<3 days)
  1. aQuestions on alcohol consumption were drawn from the AUDIT C tool, and participants were provided with information on what constitutes a standard drink (UK = 10 mg of alcohol).