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Table 1 Frequency and type of H-Ras mutations in MMTV-Wnt1 tumors

From: Evolution of somatic mutations in mammary tumors in transgenic mice is influenced by the inherited genotype

  Codon mutated Number (% total)
Activating H-Ras mutations CAA61CTA 10 (22%)
  GGA12GAA 5 (11%)
  CAA61CGA 4 (9%)
  CAA61AAA 2 (4%)
  CAA61CAT 1 (2%)
  GGC13AGA 1 (2%)
  GGC13GTT 1 (2%)
H-Ras WT   22 (48%)
Total   46 (100%)
  1. Primary tumor cDNA was amplified and sequenced with H-Ras-specific primers at least once in each direction as described in Methods. Products containing mutant peaks equal to or greater in height than the wild type peaks in at least one sequencing direction were scored as mutation-positive. Mutations in codons 12,13, 59, and 61 were scored as activating mutations.