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Table 2 Frequency of H-Ras mutations in MMTV-Wnt1/p53 +/-, MMTV-Wnt1/p53 -/-, and MMTV-Wnt1/MMTV-Neu tumors

From: Evolution of somatic mutations in mammary tumors in transgenic mice is influenced by the inherited genotype

  MMTV-Wnt1/p53 +/- MMTV-Wnt1/p53 -/- MMTV-Wnt1/MMTV-Neu
With H-Ras mutations 5 (2 with p53 LOH) 0 0
Without H-Ras mutations 6 (3 with p53 LOH) 16 11
Total 11 (5 with p53 LOH) 16 11
  1. Primary tumor cDNAs (11 MMTV-Wnt1/p53 -/- samples) or DNAs (5 MMTV-Wnt1/p53 -/- samples and all of the MMTV-Wnt1/p53+/- samples) were amplified and sequenced with H-Ras-specific primers at least once in each direction, as described in Methods. Mutations were scored by the same criteria described in Table 1.