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Table 1 Dimensions of the AWQ and WCQ [2].

From: Stress, burnout and doctors' attitudes to work are determined by personality and learning style: A twelve year longitudinal study of UK medical graduates

Approaches to work questionnaire
Surface disorganised: Feeling overwhelmed by work. For example, being unsure what is needed to complete a task, finding it difficult to organise time effectively, reading things without really understanding them.
Surface rational: Preference for order, detail, and routine. For example likes to know precisely what is expected, puts of a lot of effort into memorising important facts when learning something new.
Deep approach: Integrative approach that leads to personal understanding. For example, tries to relate new ideas to situations where they might apply.
Workplace climate questionnaire
Choice-independence: Perception of control over what one does and how one does it.
Supportive-receptive: Perception that help is available in the workplace and colleagues are understanding.
Workload: Perception of heavy workload and having to cope alone.