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Figure 1

From: Loss of KCNJ10 protein expression abolishes endocochlear potential and causes deafness in Pendred syndrome mouse model

Figure 1

Protein localization of pendrin, KCNQ1, ZO-1 and F actin in cochlea and vestibular labyrinth of Slc26a4 +/+ and Slc26a4 -/- mice. a: Overview of cochlea; bar = 100 μm. b-f: Detail of cochlear lateral wall; bar = 10 μm. g: Detail of utricle; bar = 10 μm. h-i: Detail of ampulla; bar = 10 μm. RM, Reissner's membrane; SC, spindle-shaped cells, SMC, strial marginal cells; SV, stria vascularis; SL, spiral ligament; LIM, spiral limbus. BC, basal cells; SP, spiral prominence epithelial cells; RC, root cells; OS, outer sulcus epithelial cells; VHC, vestibular hair cells; VTC, vestibular transitional cells; VDC, vestibular dark cells; arrows, basal cells at the top and bottom of stria vascularis form tight junctions with surface epithelial cells.

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