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Figure 5

From: Loss of KCNJ10 protein expression abolishes endocochlear potential and causes deafness in Pendred syndrome mouse model

Figure 5

Morphometric analysis of cochlear tissue masses in Slc26a4 +/+ and Slc26a4 -/- mice. a: locations of measurements. Thickness of stria vascularis (SV) was obtained as average of three distance measurements perpendicular to the surface of marginal cells. Thickness of spiral prominence (SP) was measured perpendicular to a tangential line (dashed) that connects the surface of the outer sulcus (OS) with the basal layer of stria vascularis. Thickness of spiral ligament (SL) was measured perpendicular to the tangential line as distance between the surface of spiral prominence and the interface between spiral ligament and bone (B). Thickness of spiral limbus (LIM) was obtained perpendicular to the surface of the bone as a tangential line that touches the inner sulcus (IS) and reaches from the surface of the spiral limbus to the interface between spiral limbus connective tissue and bone. b: Summary. Data from 7–8 animals contributed to each column.

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