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Figure 7

From: Loss of KCNJ10 protein expression abolishes endocochlear potential and causes deafness in Pendred syndrome mouse model

Figure 7

Analysis of marginal and basal cell barriers in Slc26a4 +/+ and Slc26a4 -/- mice. Tight junctions were visualized by F actin in whole-mounts of stria vascularis. Bright field images were taken to evaluate pigmentation (a, d and g). Note the intact marginal cell (b) and basal cell (c) barriers in Slc26a4 +/+ mice. Minimal pigmentation of Slc26a4 +/+ mice did not compromise F actin localization. Whole-mounts of stria vascularis from Slc26a4 -/- mice were viewed either from the basal cell side (e-f) or from the marginal cell side (h-i). Bright field images verify that the same area was viewed from either side (d and g). Focus was varied to either visualize the marginal cell barrier (SMC, b,e and h) or the basal cell barrier (BC, c,f and i). Both the basal cell (f) and the marginal cell (h) barriers appeared to be intact. Blockage of the laser by pigmentation produces the untrue impression of 'holes' in the marginal cell barrier (e) or basal cell barrier (i). Comparison of images is aided by marking three significant areas with colored stars. Bars = 10 μm.

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