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Table 1 Symptoms reported during the prodromal phase of CVS

From: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in 41 adults: the illness, the patients, and problems of management

Number of Patients Reporting Symptoms During Prodrome
23 Nausea
10 Sweating
9 Epigastric pain or "pressure"
9 Fatigue or weakness
8 Feeling hot and/or chilly
6 Cramping urge to defecate
5 Abdominal pain
5 Shivering or shakiness
5 Insomnia or restless, interrupted sleep
4 Aversion for food
4 Pounding or irregular heartbeat
3 Irritability
3 "Panic feelings"
2 Intense thirst
2 Feelings of depersonalization
2 Headache
2 Increased salivation
2 Dyspnea
2 A sensation of abdominal bloating
2 Inability to burp
2 Excessive burping
2 Inability to effect the desired passage of stool or flatus
2 Loose stooling
2 Epigastric burning
1 Paresthesias
1 Light headedness