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Table 1 Sickness absence diagnoses according to the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC), Norway

From: Increase in sickness absence with psychiatric diagnosis in Norway: a general population-based epidemiologic study of age, gender and regional distribution

Diagnostic group Diagnosis code (ICPC-1)a 1994 and 1996 Diagnosis code (ICPC-2)a 1998 and 2000 Corresponding codes in ICD-10
Psychoses P72, P73, P98 P72, P73, P98 F20–F31, F35–F39
Anxiety P01, P74 P01, P74 F40–F43
Neurotic conditions P02, P04, P06–P10, P20, P25, P27–P29, P75, P78, P79, P99 P02, P04, P06–P10, P20, P25, P27–P29, P75, P78, P79, P82, P99 F44–48, F99
Depression P03, P76, P77 P03, P76, P77 F32–F34
Personality disorders P80 P80 F60–F69
Alcohol/drug abuse P15- P19 P15- P19 F10–F19
Excluded* P05, P11–P13, P21 -P24, P70, P71, P85 P05, P11–P13, P21–P24, P70, P71, P81, P85 F00–F09, F70–F98
  1. * Diagnostic groups excluded were dementia, organic psychoses, mental retardation and child and adolescent psychiatry.