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Table 1 Parameters describing the transmissibility and pathogenicity of influenza virus.

From: A 'small-world-like' model for comparing interventions aimed at preventing and controlling influenza pandemics

Parameter Baseline values Sources
Infectivity profiles   Adapted from [13], and consistent (to a scale factor) with [10,15–21]
   Latent period 0.5 days  
   Peak 2.5–3 days  
   Duration <10 days  
Relative susceptibility   [5,13]
   Children (0–18 years) 1.15  
   Adults (19–65 years) 1  
   Elderly (>65 years) 1  
Proportion of asymptomatic individuals (children, adults, elderly people) 30% [48]; also used in [6]
Relative infectivity of asymptomatic individuals 50% Assumption also used in [6]