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Table 2 Parameters describing the community model simulating the spread of influenza.

From: A 'small-world-like' model for comparing interventions aimed at preventing and controlling influenza pandemics

Place Size Graph Assignment Meetings
Households 1 to 6 Fully connected   D
   Elementary 5 classes; 20 children and 2 adults per class Each class is modeled using a BA graph (m = 2); supplementary random links between individuals belonging to different classes. Children living in the district WD
   Secondary 13 to 15 classes; 30 students and 3 teachers per class Children and students are linked to teachers. One college for 5 districts WD
Workplaces 6 to 3000 according to Zipf distribution [49] BA graph (m = 6) 80% from the district; 20% from outside the district WD
Nursing homes 45 elderly people, 50 employees per nursing home BA graph (m = 6)   WD
District All individuals BA graph (m = 1)   WE
  1. BA Barabasi-Albert; D every day; WD every working day; WE every weekend