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Table 1 Checklist used to assess the quality of systematic reviews included in the review.

From: A review of the methodological features of systematic reviews in maternal medicine

First Author  
Year of publication  
Publication dates of literature included  
No. studies included in the review  
No. of reviewers  
Type of review therapeutic/prognostic/diagnostic
Framing of question:  
Question specified yes/no
Question relevant yes/no
Narrow focus of question yes/no
Explicit testable hypothesis yes/no
Literature search  
Adequate search description (incl. names of databases and search terms) yes/no
Use of reference list yes/no
Search without language restriction yes/no
Assessment for risk of missing studies yes/no
Inclusion of unpublished data yes/no
Quality assessment of included studies:  
Potential sources of bias (ie. randomisation) yes/no
Data collection (prospective/retrospective) yes/no
Follow-up yes/no
Blinding of assessors* yes/no
Description of intervention* yes/no
  1. *applicable only to interventional reviews