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Table 1 Society of Independent European Vaccination Experts (SIEVE)

From: How to optimise the coverage rate of infant and adult immunisations in Europe

The "Stiftung Präventive Pädiatrie" at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany, has set up a board of independent European vaccination experts who meet at regular "Summits of Independent European Vaccination Experts" to evaluate vaccine needs, current research, and vaccination policies.
To date, SIEVE members have met to discuss vaccination systems in Europe; the epidemiology of measles; the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine; varicella vaccination for all children; and influenza vaccination of children. In addition, the SIEVE steering committee meets at least quarterly to discuss vaccination-related issues and to prepare the group discussions. The articles from each meeting represent the consensus view of the meeting participants.
The current SIEVE steering committee consists of Heikki Peltola (Helsinki; President), Robert Booy (Westmead; Assessor), and Joe Schmitt (Mainz; General Secretary).