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Table 2 Suggestions from SIEVE

From: How to optimise the coverage rate of infant and adult immunisations in Europe

• Implement an integrated advocacy and communication programme to inform the public.
• Promote the training of HCPs not only in the scientific and medical aspects of vaccination but also in the management of vaccination programmes.
• Conduct a survey of vaccinology education in the curricula of HCPs in European countries and make recommendations based on the results.
• Extend and support an INFOVAC-like network in Europe.
• Provide support to HCPs for increasing immunisation rates in their patients:
   ◦ By allocating them sufficient time during their patients' consultation to inform them about vaccination.
   ◦ By setting up computerized information systems for HCPs and providing them with training that will allow them to record their patients' vaccination status and implement active reminder programmes.
•Increase vaccination opportunities (e.g., standing orders, more convenient opening hours).
• Support the organisation of a "European Immunisation Awareness Week". HCP, healthcare professional.