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Table 1 Benefits and harms of mammography screening included in our data extraction sheet and mentioned as important in the 2002 WHO/IARC report on mammography screening [9]

From: Are benefits and harms in mammography screening given equal attention in scientific articles? A cross-sectional study

Breast cancer mortality reduction
Relative risk reduction
Absolute risk reduction
Survival time from diagnosis
Number needed to screen
Carcinoma in situ, as positive
Less mastectomies/more tumourectomies
Total mortality reduction
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment
Recall rate:
1. Per screen
2. Cumulative
More mastectomies/more tumourectomies
Increased biopsy rate
Risks associated with additional radiotherapy
Psychological effects related to false positives
Carcinoma in situ, as negative
Pain at mammography