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Table 2 Gruen et al's domains matched to the RACGP case study

From: Health inequalities, physician citizens and professional medical associations: an Australian case study

Domains of obligation and aspiration Obligation Aspiration
  Individual high quality patient care Access to care Direct socioeconomic influences Broad and global socioeconomic influences
Examples of actions where broad agreement exists Ensure GP trainees exposed to work in disadvantaged communities Ensure training includes opportunities to assess community need including local practice responses to unmet need Include socio-economic context more prominently in the problem based curriculum
Advocate for increased support for training practices in areas of disadvantage
Formation of an intercollegiate group and a group within WONCA(World Organization of National Colleges and Academies of Family Medicine) to advocate on the link between socioeconomic disadvantage and ill-health
Examples of actions where disagreement exists Mandating exposure to work in disadvantaged communities
Develop standards on equity of reach of quality measures of clinical care within the known practice population
Advocate for practices to address financial barriers to accessing care
Practices to assess unmet need in their area as a part of accreditation
Learning plans to be mandatory and linked to identified community need  
  1. Bold type represent Gruen's areas of professional obligation where consensus exists for action.