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Table 2 Corresponding authors of the 10 most-cited papers published in 1996–1999 and the 10 most-cited papers published in 2000–2003 (citations as of end of 2006)

From: International ranking systems for universities and institutions: a critical appraisal

Name Year Affiliation (most-cited paper) Current affiliation
Altschul SF 1997 NLM/NCBI Same
Otwinowski Z 1997 University of Texas Same
Brunger AT 1998 Yale University Stanford University
Jeanmougin F 1997 IGBMC, INSERM No publications 1998-present day
Ross R 1999 University of Washington Deceased
Perdew JP 1996 Tulane University Same
Banchereau J 1998 Baylor Research Institute Baylor Institute for Immunology Research*
Kalnay E 1996 NCEP University of Maryland
Posada D 1998 Brigham Young University University of Vigo
Botstein D 1998 Stanford University Same
Lander ES 2001 Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research MIT**
Berman HM 2000 Rutgers University Same
Cleerman JI 2001 NHLBI Same
Venter JC 2001 Celera Genomics J Craig Venter Institute
Hanahan D 2000 UCSF Same
Roussouw JE 2002 NHLBI Same
Spek AL 2003 University of Utrecht Same
Spergel DN 2003 Princeton University Same
Tuschl T 2001 Max Planck Institute University of Basel/Rockefeller University
Kumar S 2001 Arizona State University Same
  1. *No change in affiliation; change in the name of the same institution.
  2. **No change in affiliations, but change in preference for which affiliation is listed more prominently in Essential Science Indicators records.