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Figure 2

From: Kisspeptin and GPR54 immunoreactivity in a cohort of 518 patients defines favourable prognosis and clear cell subtype in ovarian carcinoma

Figure 2

Immunoreactivity patterns. Three types of kisspeptin-IR (A-C) and GPR54-IR (D-F) observed in the ovarian TMA. (A, D) Representative samples of negative cases show complete lack of staining and are classified as 0. (B) Moderate GPR54-IR shows a patchy staining pattern with light and dark brown regions of reactivity shown throughout the tumour core, and (E) Mild kisspeptin-IR shows uniform light brown staining throughout the sample: both B and E are classified as +1 immunoreactivity. (C, F) Examples of +2 intense immunoreactivity exhibit dark brown staining in all tumour cells. Scale bar represents 100 μm. Insets in each panel show a more detailed view of the staining pattern that is demonstrated in the larger image; inset scale bar represents 25 μm.

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