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Table 1 Patients without any detected mutation in APC or MUTYH

From: Clinical characterization and the mutation spectrum in Swedish adenomatous polyposis families

Patient Age Inheritance Sex Number of polyps CRC DL FGP
C139 36 dom F 50 N Y Y
C146 74 NA M 40–50 Y N N
C257 52 NI F 20 Y N N
C369 44 dom F 120 N N Y
C380 34 dom F 15 Y - -
C505 45 NI F 20 Y N N
C896 41 dom F 5 Y N N
3210 40 dom F 20 N - -
3752 36 rec M 10 N N N
  1. Age, age at diagnosis; DL, duodenal lesion; dom, dominant; FGP, fundic gland polyps; NA, no available data; NI, no inheritance; Number of polyps, number of polyps at diagnosis; rec, recessive