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Table 3 CRABP1 was not differentially expressed in consequence of C99-overexpression in contrast to neurofilaments

From: Upregulation of CRABP1 in human neuroblastoma cells overproducing the Alzheimer-typical Aβ42reduces their differentiation potential

Name Fold change C99WT/mock P-value
  Transcriptomics Proteomics Transcriptomics Proteomics
CRABP1 1.0 1.4 0.979 0.042
NEF3 -3.4 -1.8 0.024 0.086
NEFL -3.0 -1.3 0.039 0.11
INA -1.9 -1.3 0.069 0.029
  1. Comparison between C99WT and mock-transfected cells revealed effects mediated by C99. Neurofilament 3 (NEF3), neurofilament light polypeptide 68 kDa (NEFL) and internexin neuronal intermediate filament protein alpha (INA) were down-regulated as a consequence of C99-overexpression. CRABP1 was not differentially expressed (cut-off for differential expression at least 1.9 on the transcript or protein level, respectively).